Under the same sky

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Under the same sky - Tiema Haji Muindi Under the same sky - Tiema Haji Muindi


Under the same sky by Tiema Haji Muindi

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This poetry anthology consists of my works that survived the journey of my life. They are like veteran soldiers - having seen it all and survived to tell their stories. And the stories in here, under the same sky, are varied; some poems question our identities, beliefs and the norms in our society; others reflect on the daily challenges that we all face in life; and there are those that will make you cry, inspire, provoke and even make you angry. Under the same sky speaks of a Palestine child who will probably not see the dawning of tomorrow, it reminds us of politicians' empty promises, frustration of losing loved ones, and of the choices we make in life. And there is the reminder of how sacred a home, family and culture are, regardless of who or where we are at the moment. Under the same sky is also a mirror through which we can all see ourselves from within its pages.



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Under The Same Sky
Under the same sky - Tiema Haji Muindi

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