An African 'Sex And The City'

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This may not be any new news, I am sure quite a number of you have come across the web series ‘An African city’ by now. If you have not, I will gladly give you an idea of what to expect in a few words. The series revolves around five young independent Ghanaian women who have relocated to Ghana from living abroad for years. It is well thought out in form of scripting and on top of that the actors are exceptional. From accents, language barriers to cultural differences, this series tackles almost every topic you could think of.

If I were to compare it with any other show internationally it would be ‘sex and the city’ remember that? Sex and the city was bold and daring. Now just imagine the same boldness but shot and produced in Africa. A continent that is full of people who are still reluctant to discuss sexual matters and sometimes even independence of women.

Well, being a feminist, I applaud Nicole Armateifio who is the creator and producer of the series. Obviously this series did not rub everyone the right way and it is common to hear complaints of the ‘vulgar’ nature of the show. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion definitely but we have to move with the current times.

Another reason to watch this series, apart from the pointblank boldness and the values that it promotes (feminism and independence) is the fact that it was beautifully shot. Every detail was taken into consideration. What comes to your mind when you hear that a lady from abroad has decided to relocate to her home country in Africa? First time I hear about it I imagine a cast with ladies in weaves, skimpy outfits, long glossy nails etc.

An African City

Contrary to my expectation, four of the five ladies cast in the series all have their natural kinky hair on display. Apart from that the outfits were all locally designed and made. It promotes African culture and creativity. Just as you all should start and continue promoting local talent!


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