Contraception - 'The Reproductive Wrongs'

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I was privileged to attend the Regional Family Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya on 15th and 16thof May 2018 at Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), to celebrate the international day of the family. The observance of the international day of the family (15th MAY) is supported by the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) by organizing an official international observance of the Day at UN Headquarters in New York focusing on topics relevant to the UN Development Agenda. The international theme was ‘Families and Inclusive Societies.’

In Kenya the theme was ‘Seizing the Future, Protecting the Family.’ We had several speakers to address matters affecting the family. One of the speakers Dr. Teresa Okafor took us through ‘Reproductive Wrongs’. The topic does seem odd but that is what it really is, people fighting for their ‘reproductive rights’ which in real sense are reproductive wrongs because some few clever minorities are targeting to diminish African population in the name of ‘birth control’ for a better future. Dr. Okafor stated that if we continue to use contraception at the pace in which we are currently using them then the world will eventually be left to the Muslims, the mammoths and the Catholics who do not use contraception.

We need to understand that population growth correlates with economic growth .The lies we are bombarded with about excessive population growth leading to poverty and collapse of a nation are-just-lies. Contraception is based on false predictions and obsessions. The clever minority behind the scheme claim that contraception is the best way to plan your life and avoid poverty. In real sense it is a cold war against population growth especially in Africa where there is also an increasing active campaign for individuals to embrace abortion, same sex union, condoms, comprehensive sexuality education and sterilization.

Same sex union - This does not give room for reproduction and we understand that it is not the intended function of human beings. One of the purposes of human beings is to procreate.

Abortion - It is an infringement to human dignity.  In World Youth Alliance, we affirm that life begins from conception to natural death. We do not condone abortion for it is not in line with our value system. The claim that it is a person’s right to do whatever they want with their bodies should subscribe to the fact that human dignity grants human rights. Having this in mind then, abortion automatically becomes illegal, for human rights have a basis in human dignity and not vice versa. Some of the contraception methods (birth control pills) used today has very severer effects starting with headaches and migraines, nausea and mood changes to complex long term effects including cardiovascular problems, breast cancer, cervical cancer and liver cancer. Studies suggest that oral contraceptives may affect the user's mood and increase the risk of depression or other emotional changes. The combined pill can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems such as a heart attack.

In World Youth Alliance we have a knowledge based health program - Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) - which teaches women to understand and monitor hormonal and other indicators of their health. This program not only enables women to achieve fertility related outcomes such as avoiding or achieving pregnancy but also focuses on the general well being of an individual. FEMM enables women to make informed health and family planning decisions by learning about and considering all the options and information available. When a woman monitors her cycle it enables her understand, maintain and improve her health by enabling her to easily identify both regular and irregular activities and hormonal patterns. In FEMM, the woman is able to understand that cycle irregularities are associated with severe poor health outcomes such as coronary heart disease Type 2 diabetes and decreased fertility. Monitoring these cycle irregularities can be a diagnostic tool in determining underlying health problems. FEMM is an effective family planning method and more attractive because it is a natural method which does not risk unpleasant side effects and it empowers women to monitor their health. This is the best way possible anyone can think of when they need to achieve or avoid pregnancy while monitoring their health.

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