An Eye For An Eye

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My soul gets all clammy and shivery at the thought of running into some indecent unpleasantries.

I was walking home from Timau when suddenly two deft bulky hands covered my eyes. Someone had crept up from behind, trying to blot out the sun and at the same time uttering hiccups of laughter.

He jerked this way and that as I stretched my arm sideways and backwards without changing my recumbent position. My hands swept over his legs and before I twisted myself free, he notoriously rubbed his hardened trousers against me, thrice.

I hate this kind of stalking, pestering behaviour. It is abhorrent. Unacceptable as it is, this was the most fickle thing Maina did to me when he tried to woo me. He openly bragged that he could handle just any woman with the greatest charm and courtesy but the women he had so excited in the village had sensibly looked and found elsewhere.

I didn't like him one bit. I was married, I told him over and over. With his clothes ever reeking of stale smoke, he always wore a shirt whose buttons didn't quite meet. His bloodshot eyes very so often wandered wildly when he turned a smile in your direction, fastened on like a brooch.

He shed hot opalescent tears for his love for me, he said. Driven by an obsessive insane jealousy he looked at me, incredulous, amused and admiring. He reiterated countless times that every time he went to bed, he erotically mused about having an affair with me and that his nightly dreams of me were sultry as compared to his daytime thoughts of me which were serenely transfigured.

His second attempt to sweet talk me so that I could fall pell-mell to his plausible seduction happened when he happened to be on the same pick-up Matatu with me from Nanyuki to Timau where he sat directly opposite me.

When the vehicle had dropped off all other passengers along the way with the exception of the two of us who remained at the back of the vehicle, Maina glared across the seat at me, seating in the chair lopsided with one cheek of his buttocks higher than the other as if he were about to crepitate. I was frightened by the intensity of his stares which told me that there was more to this than met my eyes. His gaze was so direct, so immediately intimate, that I felt uneasy. He looked at my supple figure and felt a surge of pure lust punch his loins so that I could clearly see the traces of a big erection creeping along his right thigh. Within a split second, he crossed over, sat next to me and patted my shoulder clumsily with a boyish genial smile superglued to his face.

I shrugged his hand off and struck his face quite painfully so that he cringed. He rubbed it with a show of rue but continued to push his seduction, for purposes of his own, from the latent state of warmth to that of consuming fire. Reeking with the hot breath of peanuts, he started pouring blather into my ears.

 "Sue, I want you for you. I want to bed you. You know how much I need you. Without you I will wilt, I will die. Have I your word that what we say here is between us and has no existence beyond here?" he told me in his love hymn, filthy as it sounded, with a more ingenious exordium.

I could tell from his face that he wore an air of expectancy reminiscent of the first night in bed with a woman. Then, the air bloated with the stench of his anxious fetid armpits. He tried to pry open my right hand to coil my fingers around a hundred shilling note before he squeezed them surreptitiously. All the while he fiddled with the clasp of my handbag, wanting to pop up biscuits to seduce me further.

I declined his advances and he went for the zipper at the back of my skirt, leant over and squirmed his nicotine-ochered index finger under my pants' elastic. With the other, he notoriously groped at my nether regions, slid it under my skirt and tweaked my thigh.

Just then, the Matatu stopped at Timau and as I alighted, Maina twisted my nipple as if it was an ignition key and followed me in tow like mad. Then, I was totally puzzled to conjecture a motive for his actions. Did he want to take me into him in lustful absolution?

A few seconds of silent staring and mindreading followed where I gave him a look that said plainly as any words. My fury lanced at me like an ache and I could feel my legs starting to shake. But it wasn't through fear.

Unexpectedly, he grabbed my arm and yanked me forward in a sudden violent movement so that we were face to face. Then he gave me a sharp downward jab into my left cheek and the big crowd of people at the bus-stop surrounded us, watching anxiously.

I felt a surge of adrenaline rush all over my body and became insanely wild against him. I would rip him off like crazy. I wiggled and kneed his privates and shook him by the scruff of his neck.

And then I gave him a blow that rent his shirt open leaving his bony chest open. He shoved backwards, stumbled and tried to regain his balance but I immediately gave him a well calculated kick that uprooted him off the ground so that he landed on the ground with a resounding thud. As he sprawled on the ground, he writhed and swam in the dust.

Finally, he got to his feet and brushed himself down while I unleashed a punch aimed at his brow and landed surprisingly hard. I gave him yet another blow which caught him on the nose and jerked his head back. I bulleted him once more with my fist which struck him fairly on the other eye blow. The onlookers screamed and covered their faces.

Maina was temporarily blinded and as he retreated I struck him again, this time at the other brow and in that vulnerable spot the skin parted and blood gushed and trickled down the face.

The crash of fist against chin, many backhand slaps on his cheekbone, the kicks in the belly and flying tackles sent him lying on the ground with his knees doubled up, the face contorted and covered in dust.

Once on his knees, he appealed for mercy with his hands up in surrender. But as he vaulted to his feet he gesticulated wildly, trying to talk benignly and wisely as people do only when fate has handed them roughly.

By now half of his head had swollen out to twice its normal size from the beating so that his eyes had disappeared into puffy slits. Everyone pitied him, though many amongst them could hardly restrain their laughter at his droll appearance.

With one final look at him, I pointed at him as I quickly turned and pierced through the crowd towards my destination...


*Matatu = pick-up passenger vehicles where people sat on seats oppositely but faced one another




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