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There is often a common misconception that in order to shed pounds and gain muscle mass a gym is needed. This is not true, you can lose weight and even get washboard abs from the confines of your home. Home could be a rented apartment or even a compounded residence but one thing I know for sure is that space is not the main issue. Most people often complain of time and money when asked about fitness. The fact is you do not need hours on end of workouts or a gym subscription to get results.

I personally never used to like the gym, I could not imagine working out in the presence of others majorly because of my low self esteem. Right now my main challenge is time but believe me when I can I always pop in the gym for about an hour. Yet prior to even stepping into the gym I lost fifty kilograms in a year and all from home. In order to succeed in starting a fitness regime there are a few things that are needed:

1. Drive and consistency – You are probably reading this article and in your head thinking; ‘I want to get fit and lose some weight.’ That is exactly how it starts, with a decision. However, after this there has to be a commitment to attaining your goal, even as little as fifteen minutes for about four days in a week is a step in the right direction.


2. Diet – Believe it or not you cannot evade this, what we eat affects our bodies in almost every way possible. When I started out, I simply cut back on portions. I was 125 kg at the time and yes I saw drastic changes but after a while I stagnated. A good diet is one way of getting quicker and better results.

3. Cardio – These are the workouts that get your heart rate up with the aim of burning up stored fat. Most common forms of cardio is running which I know not everyone loves. Do what works for you…you can jump rope, jog, start kickboxing, walk up and down flights of stairs, do the HIIT (High Impact Intensity workouts)that most people are into nowadays or even just lots of fast paced walking.

4. Resistance training – This training contributes to muscle growth and it DOES NOT have to be done at the gym. There are pushups, squats, lunges etc. I will expound on these in my next article.

Sports Gear

5. Get the right fit – If you are not comfortable before and during a workout, you probably might not get the best out of it. This I mean in regards to training attire. Get proper fitting sports bras, tights, shoes etc. and have your focus on working out instead of the discomfort you feel.

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