High Expectations For The Local Film Industry In 2018

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Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year, it certainly has been a while but we are back and ready to do what we do best. As is the norm; a new year brings about new things so I will try and breakdown what my expectations are for the East African film industry this year, more so Kenya.

First of all before we forge ahead let us take a brief look at the year that ended about a week ago, 2017. Generally it can be described as one of the most unstable years in Kenya history. We owe that to politics of course, instability is a common characteristic of election years and this was heightened with the re-elections. This affected everyone at large, I know an upcoming director and producer who complained of not being able to consistently film her project because of the political situation at the time.

In addition to that I do not think that the industry had as much to offer as the previous year (2016) particularly on the part of film. Theatre was also affected but it was much more vibrant probably because plays are far much more accessible.

So what do I expect in 2018? Obviously more content and not just merely content but creative content. I don’t want to be mean but kindly let us refrain from releasing unnecessary mediocre productions. Mediocrity emerging mainly from poor scripting…good stories are the basis of good films and plays regardless of the genre.

2018 should also be the year we have good quality films. When we say we want to see growth of the East African film industry we often only think about the numbers i.e. releasing a larger number of films, videos etc. Pointblank it doesn’t matter how many films are released what matters mostly is ‘what’ is being released. We need good quality…picture quality, sound quality, editing quality, flowing continuity etc.

Finally, I would like to see more local content and not just hear about it, do you get my drift? One reason that makes it difficult for Kenyans to support local content is because it is difficult to come by. Apart from the local shows that air on out local television stations I am fully aware that there is much more content out there, gaining access to it is where the problem lies. Before you even think about it…No! You tube is not an excuse and I will explain why in the near future. That aside, I would like to once more wish you a Happy New year and a prosperous 2018…remember to support local talent!

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