Illusion Vs. Reality

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Recently my sister told me of an experience she had sitting in a matatu (public service vehicle) next to a young lady. She referred to the lady as a ‘slay queen’; I don’t know who makes the cut to be given the title but according to my sister’s description; long fake nails, constant running of fingers through the hair and flicking will definitely get you there. It was quite hilarious and I thought to myself just how much power of influence the media has on different individuals.

I love the arts there is no doubt about that. I genuinely delight in literature, films, photography, and pottery in equal measures. What I happen to love most about the arts is that it is a means of expression. People use their creativity to convey a message, to inspire, to teach and generally to beautify. However, nowadays all this seems to not always be the case as all these concepts have been manipulated and misunderstood.

If you are attentive you can notice just how powerful the media is in terms of influence. Right from the use of propaganda to get women working during the Second World War to a hairstyle that starts trending after seeing a celebrity in a music video. The whole point of me writing this is so that people can begin to decipher reality from illusions.

As much as numerous films nowadays portray certain lifestyles and habits as popular; I cannot say that all artists, filmmakers and photographers misuse their craft but rather we have a generation that is not only quick to idolize blindly but to also dispense reality. It is heartbreaking to see very many young people practicing every little thing they see… ‘…one night stands, unprotected sex, drugs, violence… the list is endless’.

So this is my message, kindly note that what you see on all these media platforms should not always translate into your reality. Learn from what you see and know your reality. On top of that, as always remember to support local talent.

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