Secret Competitions

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Is it just me or have you noticed that people seem to be in competition with each other lately, more so the ladies. Everyone is low key trying to outdo each other be it in dressing, education levels, vacations, relationships, living standards; it has become a struggle to be noticed. We can thank social media for that, everyone suddenly sees the need to live a certain way.

I do not need to tell you just how unhealthy this is, it threatens to sabotage not only our relationships but to a certain extent our sanity as well. If you read this and can relate with it then there is only one thing I need to say to you; you have to learn to be yourself.

There is nothing worse than living somebody else’s life and eventually failing to keep up with the expectations that people have of you. It is one thing to want to live a certain way and another to pretend to be a totally different person.

In this world you cannot please everyone and you should not bother to try to. People that really matter will never question the authentic you, they will embrace you as you are and for whom you are. So if you find yourself struggling to fit in ask yourself, is it really worth it?

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