A Song For The Rain

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The sun rises,

Glorious and glamorous,

Announcing the birth of a new day.

The monkeys gibber,

Calling each other to an early breakfast.

With the rains, new life has sprung everywhere,

Wild berries are plentiful,

Young shoots bountiful.

The roots,

In abundance,


Lurch green crops everywhere.

The cicadas,

Screeching from treetops,

Ululate in their hundreds, welcoming the generous warmth of the morning


And the bees in their turn,


Buzzing and hunting for nectar,

Since the flowers have begun to bloom,

Their fragrance,

Their scent,

So sweet,

So tantalising,

Wafting far and wide.


When the wind rises,

Awakening from its long lull,

Gently blowing up the hilltops,

Down across the valleys,

Weaving rain clouds together

And with the first crack of thunder,

Then rain begins,

Falling and falling in torrents,

Bringing hope for a



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